Best Homemade Mandoo in LA

Dumplings, Mandoo, or Mandu. Oh My.

There’s something special happening 3 stores down from Hodori.

Hodori of course is the infamous after club hangout open 24 hours on the corner of Vermont and Olympic. It’s the retail anchor for the strip mall there but a few doors down, Mandarin Garden Restaurant has been making homemade mandoos/mandus (Korean dumplings) for the last 15 years.

It’s a Dumpling, Big Deal

Yes it is. MGR makes these fresh EVERY SINGLE DAY and they almost always sell out. And if you try them, you’ll understand why.

You can fry them, steam them and pretend you’re eating at Din Tai Fung, or my favorite, drop them into your instant ramen. It will magically transform a dollar packet of instant noodles into a feast and you’ll actually be consuming nutrition. It’s heaven with Kokomen. Anyway you do it, you’ll thank us.

They were coy when I asked them about the origins of the recipe but I did see a poster of Korea during the Chosun dynasty. (It may have been a k-drama poster)


How to Score:

Head on over to the strip mall on the south west corner of Vermont and Olympic.

Walk into Mandarin Garden Restaurant and ask for the dumplings. If they don’t understand your pronunciation of “dumplings” try saying “mandoo” or “mandu”. If you’re a non Korean Asian, you might say “dump rings” and that’s another product. If all else fails you can do the dumpling dance.

They’re packaged in zip lock bags just like your mommy would make if she knew how.

What to Order?

Beef or pork dumplings, don’t get the vegetarian ones – it’s a scam. They’re just empty dumplings.


Not really but the place is small. I’m told the dumplings usually run out by 7:23pm.

People Watching?

Yes, if you’re into hot ahjummahs making dumplings.

Schedule a GNO here?

Only as an elaborate revenge prank but otherwise, not appropriate at all.

Will I see my parent’s friends there?

Only if they work there.

$15/Bag of 50 Dumplings. Pork or Beef.

Mandarin Garden Restaurant
1001 S. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA